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Every quarter we travel to a different country around the world on our journey to meet 500 women. We explore the region, learn about the culture and geography, meet the locals, and sample the cuisine. 


While we are visiting a new region, we explore the local markets to find items that will embody the country we are in, hand-selecting each one. Products range from jewelry, home decor, to fashion accessories, and more!


Choose from a four quarter subscription or if you would like to give us a try, you can purchase a single box! Every box is delivered right to your doorstep! Oh, and we pay all shipping! Join us on our journey!!


Meet Kahren!

Kahren designed and created the beautiful Australian Beach sand infused necklaces in your Aussie box! Each necklace has a one-of-a-kind design.

Meet Eouzia and Laubna!

These women operate a store in Marrakesh that sells all-natural ingredients for everything related to health, beauty, and cooking.

Meet Marlene!

Marlene caught our eye in the Otavalo Market where she helped us pick out each of the vibrant blankets in the Ecuador box!

Meet Han!

Han helped us find our very fun coconut planters in our Vietnam Box! Han runs a stall that is packed to the ceiling however she knew exactly where everything was!

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