Each quarter we travel to a different country as we work towards our goal of meeting 500 women around the world. During our journey, we explore the landscape and local shops, indulge in the indigenous cuisine, and explore various sites of each selected country.

Read more about each of our trips below!


Destination #1: Morocco Located on the Northern tip of Africa, Morocco was the first destination to launch Passport500 – a subscription box dedicated to meeting 500 women around the world and sharing five hand-selected items from a particular country every quarter.  Our time in Morocco truly encompassed adventure, culture, history, and wilderness. Morocco is a […]


Destination #2: Ecuador The second destination on our quest to meet 500 women around the world was Ecuador. Immediately after landing in Quito, the capital of Ecuador,  we witnessed the colored buildings, colored tiles in sidewalks, and vibrant displays in shop windows.The Ecuadorian culture uses color as an important form of expression. We made it […]


Destination #3: Australia Our third destination on our journey around the world was to beautiful Australia. The first stop was amazing Sydney. We could see the spectacular Sydney Opera House on our approach to the airport. We then flew north up the coast to Brisbane. That’s “bris’-bin” as we were informed by the Australians we […]


Destination #4: Vietnam We first landed in the massive city of Ho Chi Minh (population 13 million and growing), spent about four hours trying to sleep on the pavement area outside the domestic flight terminal with hundreds of other travelers, then boarded our flight for Nha Trang. We flew over rough terrain and mountains covered […]


Destination #5: Kenya Our 5th journey took us to Kenya, a smaller country centrally located on the eastern edge of Africa, overlooking the Indian Ocean. It has everything to offer visitors: wilderness and sophistication, mountains and beaches, artisanry and industry, history and modernization. We also found that almost everyone speaks 3 languages: English, Swahili, and […]

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